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24 Post author: ciphergoth 02 April 2009 09:51PM

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Comment author: CronoDAS 03 April 2009 01:10:20AM 1 point [-]

Post in this thread if you live within what you consider easy driving distance from New York City.

Comment author: robzahra 05 April 2009 04:46:37PM 1 point [-]

NYC area: Rob Zahra, AlexU, and Michael Vassar sometimes...

Comment author: Zvi 04 April 2009 09:47:49PM 1 point [-]

I live in NYC proper.

Comment author: Kenny 12 April 2009 02:55:28PM 1 point [-]


Comment author: crazypaki 03 April 2009 08:20:06AM 1 point [-]

ay, North Kersey for me and I am in the city 3-4 days a week

Comment author: CronoDAS 03 April 2009 01:10:46AM 1 point [-]

I live in central New Jersey.

Comment author: dclayh 03 April 2009 02:14:09AM 1 point [-]

Me too: Princeton.

Comment author: olimay 17 April 2009 01:47:53AM 0 points [-]

I said Princeton above, since it's my mailing address (and recognizable to non-locals.) Close enough, I guess, and anyway I've recently been spending most of my time (here) in Frist.

Comment author: xamdam 08 August 2010 01:15:49AM 0 points [-]

Long Island, work in NYC

Comment author: olimay 17 April 2009 01:44:08AM 0 points [-]

Princeton, NJ. Easy train ride up. I visit NYC every other weekend.

Comment author: dreeves 13 April 2009 03:15:07AM 0 points [-]

Driving distance? I live in Manhattan, sans car.

Comment author: glenra 13 April 2009 03:00:08AM 0 points [-]


Comment author: MichaelBishop 03 April 2009 08:54:37PM 0 points [-]

I visit NYC several times a year - whatever that's worth. I live in Chicago though.