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125 Post author: Kaj_Sotala 17 November 2011 07:28PM

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Comment author: Armok_GoB 19 November 2011 07:21:47PM 2 points [-]

Internet trolling. Writing gorefics. Lacking hygiene. lieing to strangers.

And for the same thing but for rationality instead of morality: engage in minnor superstitions, fighting dirty in internet flame wars, do sloppy math.

Comment author: mwengler 23 November 2011 07:43:39PM 2 points [-]

Pee in the sink.

Comment author: Armok_GoB 25 November 2011 06:27:31PM 0 points [-]

Is this one for rationality or morality? :p

Comment author: lessdazed 19 November 2011 08:35:14PM 1 point [-]

Lacking hygiene

My intuition is that passive things such as this and the procrastination Gabriel mentioned won't work.

And for the same thing but for rationality

Clever! I will think about it some rather than giving my snap judgement.

Comment author: Armok_GoB 19 November 2011 10:19:45PM 1 point [-]

Another kinda related trick, although it might be dangerous and hard to pull of:

Convince yourself of certain things you know to be complete bull**, and forget which ones they are. This way you'll KNOW you cant rely on cached thoughts, and that you being entirely convinced something is true doesn't imply it actually being true.