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105 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 21 April 2009 02:44AM

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Comment author: jimrandomh 21 April 2009 05:12:10AM *  6 points [-]

I have no easy way of seeing which comments did well and which did poorly

If you click on your username (or any other user's), you get a history page with only your posts. That saves you the trouble of digging through all the stories you commented on, and lets you look at all your scores in one place.

Comment author: MrHen 21 April 2009 05:14:07AM 1 point [-]

Thanks. Is there anyway to see which comments have replies from that page?

Comment author: MBlume 21 April 2009 05:18:15AM *  12 points [-]

no, but you can see from your inbox, which, for some odd reason, is not linked to anywhere.

ETA: Well, not linked to anywhere is a stretch. You can navigate there as follows:

  • click some user's name
  • click "send a message" (off to the right near your and their karma scores)
  • there'll be a menu under the site logo with "compose, inbox, sent"

I find it's easier to just bookmark the inbox page, or let your browser start autocompleting it for you

Comment author: dariusp 27 April 2009 06:58:35AM 13 points [-]

The user info in the sidebar now has an envelope which is a link to a users inbox. The envelope is red if there are new messages, otherwise it is gray.

The inbox and sent pages are now styled similar to the rest of lesswrong. In addition they now also have the sidebar.

Comment author: Vladimir_Nesov 27 April 2009 05:19:53PM *  2 points [-]


I have an enhancement suggestion: have two colors for the "Inbox" icon, one to indicate that there are only comment replies (green color?), and another one for private messages (orange). This way, I won't need to check the inbox for the comments, if I know that I have read them anyway, but I won't miss private messages as a result of not checking it when new comments arrive.

Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 27 April 2009 07:00:26AM 0 points [-]

Thank you!

Comment author: wmoore 21 April 2009 11:28:31PM 3 points [-]

The inbox is a feature that came for free with the Reddit codebase but it was "lost" when the site was restyled. You will notice that the formatting of inbox page is totally messed up, this is also because it wasn't included in redesign. Notification of replies is on the list of things to implement but there's some higher priority work going on at the moment. Since it is a small change and many people seem to be requesting it I hope that we will get to it soon.

Comment author: MrHen 21 April 2009 05:53:46AM 2 points [-]

Whoa, that is the most useful feature yet. Fantastic; thank you.

Comment author: MBlume 21 April 2009 06:28:54AM 1 point [-]

no problem =)

Comment deleted 21 April 2009 05:19:44AM [-]