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105 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 21 April 2009 02:44AM

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Comment author: infotropism 21 April 2009 03:36:36PM 4 points [-]

Don't overcompensate ? Reversed neutrality isn't intelligent censorship, and downvoting people more than usual, just to obey the idea that now you should downvote, won't work well I think. Take a step back, and some time to see the issue from an outside view.

Comment author: AndySimpson 21 April 2009 04:06:37PM 0 points [-]

Agreed --- What seems to be happening, funny enough, is an echo chamber. Eliezer said "you must downvote bad comments liberally if you want to survive!" and so everyone's downvoting everyone else's comments on this thread.

Comment author: MrHen 21 April 2009 04:26:22PM *  0 points [-]

Except they are not. The complete irony is that my comment about downvoting dropped to -4 and has been climbing ever since. It displayed the exact behavior I was complaining about in my other comment. I expected this comment to drop like a rock and now it is sitting with all of my other bad and mediocre posts at a useless -1. My comment was terrible. It should be downvoted.

(Edit) Oh, I guess I should voice my agreement with infotropism. I think downvoting "more" is just overcompensating.

Comment author: AndySimpson 21 April 2009 10:55:13PM 0 points [-]

Which was terrible and sitting at -1? I don't understand. All I was trying to indicate is that I've noticed a pronounced deviation from standard upvoting and downvoting practices in this thread, mostly towards downvoting.

Comment author: MrHen 22 April 2009 12:08:36AM *  1 point [-]

This comment has been fluctuating between -1 and -4 for a while. As of now it is at -3.

I was using it as an example of people upvoting a comment that really was not doing anything. Since it is back to -3, I suppose I have no valid point left. So, yeah, you could be right.