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105 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 21 April 2009 02:44AM

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Comment author: teageegeepea 22 April 2009 02:35:52AM -1 points [-]

What communities actually die in that way? If they don't actually end but continue differently then it's like saying science fiction died because new authors with their newfangled take on the genre changed things (disclaimer: I don't really know anything about science fiction).

In the case of spam there is a problem of high volume (raivo pommer estee is a good counter-example, as there's generally no more than 1 per thread and it's short) but otherwise I don't really see the harm in idiots posting. Anybody is free to skip past stuff they don't care about (I do it all the time) and people get value out of even reading stupid comments, so I don't see what's so terrible that it outweighs it. I'm with Hopefully Anonymous on how I rate blogs by their comment policies.

Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 22 April 2009 05:28:09AM -2 points [-]

And yet here you are here, rather than 4chan.

Comment author: Nominull 22 April 2009 03:11:18PM 6 points [-]

I'm out of downvotes, but this is not a reasonable criticism of his point.

Comment author: teageegeepea 23 April 2009 03:19:58AM 2 points [-]

It's my impression that 4chan is about anime and lolcats. I hate both. It is also my impression that there are more people who are at 4chan rather than here compared to here rather than 4chan. I think 4chan was set up to be just what it is. Is there a Less Wrong analogue that got turned into a 4chan.

Comment author: William 24 April 2009 12:00:51PM *  10 points [-]