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28 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 13 April 2007 05:36AM

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Comment author: JoshuaZ 23 November 2010 06:27:55AM *  4 points [-]

Is there more to the attack on the lottery than mere classism?

Yes. Genuine concern for those not in my class. They are spending a tremendous amount of money on the lottery. Moreover, if you spend a small amount of time talking to people it is clear that they are playing not just for entertainment but often for a misguided understanding of probability. You'll hear people calling it "an investment" or saying that they "need to win sometime" or "eventually I'll win. I've lost so much. Now's my chance" or use religious feelings or sometimes statements by preachers that they are about to get wealth, etc. etc. The lottery is a method by which the upper classes tax the lower classes without the lower classes realizing they are being terribly taxed.