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55 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 06 May 2007 11:47PM

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Comment author: pnrjulius 27 May 2012 03:19:55AM 3 points [-]

I agree. In real life, when the trolley is about to run over the five children, you stop the trolley. You don't flip a switch that moves the trolley over to one other child, much less toss a fat man off a footbridge. And if you can't stop the trolley, you try to find a way; you don't give up and pick the slightly-less-bad option.

Comment author: TheOtherDave 27 May 2012 03:56:06AM 10 points [-]

In my experience, in real life what most people do in a crisis is stand there and dither.

Comment author: BloodyShrimp 24 September 2013 04:54:14PM 3 points [-]

I used to do this, but the crises made it exceptionally difficult to get the checkerboard pattern right.

Comment author: TheOtherDave 24 September 2013 05:02:33PM 0 points [-]


Comment author: Benquo 16 April 2015 10:01:01PM 5 points [-]

First you flip the switch, then you make an extraordinary effort to stop the trolley.