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53 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 27 September 2007 11:00PM

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Comment author: Gray_Area 28 September 2007 03:41:55AM 3 points [-]

Eliezer: "Gray Area, if number theory isn't in the physical universe, how does my physical brain become entangled with it?"

I am not making claims about other universes. In particular I am not asserting platonic idealism is true. All I am saying is "2+2=4" is an a priori claim and you don't use rules for incorporating evidence for such claims, as you seemed to imply in your original post.

A priori reasoning does take place inside the brain, and neuroscientists do use a posteriori reasoning to associate physical events in the brain with a priori reasoning. Despite this, a priori claims exist and have their own rules for establishing truth.