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53 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 27 September 2007 11:00PM

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Comment author: TGGP4 29 September 2007 07:19:34AM 0 points [-]

So the actual end result would be to convince me that the universe was in the hands of a monstrously insane and vicious God. As I noted here, that is actually pretty much what I believed in the last days of my Christianity. My perspective on ethics made it more plausible to me than I suspect it would be to most people.

The whole point of Christianity (as I grew up with it) is that by manifesting Himself on earth God realized that the whole smiting people thing was passe. I always thought the God of the New Testament was just that of the Old with better marketing, though of course I found the latter more interesting.

Eliezer, the things you are saying here about math are just the type of things I was attempting to here, but you're much better at it.