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122 Post author: RomeoStevens 28 February 2014 06:28AM

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Comment author: Vaniver 01 March 2014 01:24:03AM *  6 points [-]

Breast self exam is not recommended by the Susan G. Komen foundation, neither recommended nor discouraged by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and the National Cancer Institute reports no benefit but an increase in biopsies of benign tumors.

Testicular self-exams have not been studied enough for recommendations to be made, according to the American Cancer Society.

Comment author: G0W51 10 December 2014 12:34:14AM 0 points [-]

I think you may have misread the article. According your link, the American Cancer Society states that, "Men with risk factors, such as an undescended testicle, previous testicular cancer, or a family member who has had this cancer should seriously think about monthly self-exams. If you have risk factors, talk it over with a doctor. Each man has to decide for himself whether to examine his testicles each month." It also said it, "does not have a recommendation about regular testicular self-exams for all men." Perhaps you missed the "all."

Comment author: Vaniver 10 December 2014 01:35:56PM 0 points [-]

Perhaps you missed the "all."

The all is implicit from the context of the OP, which was lifestyle interventions to increase longevity for the general population.

Comment author: G0W51 11 January 2015 04:33:28PM 1 point [-]

I don't see why discussing the general population causes "all" to mean "the general population." That said, I understand what you mean, so arguing further seems rather petty.

Comment author: ChristianKl 10 December 2014 02:08:56AM 0 points [-]

The American Cancer Society is made up of members that profit from an increased amount of cancer treatment. The fact that they write something that points people to taking up testicular self-exams doesn't mean that they are having evidence for that.

They protested when the US government reduced breast cancer screening that produced unnecessary operations.

Each man has to decide for himself whether to examine his testicles each month

When medicial society writes something like that it means they don't have evidence for whether it's a useful practice.

If there would be evidence that a particular subgroup would benefit than the article would point it out that the evidence exist.