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5 Post author: turchin 11 October 2015 05:10AM

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Comment author: ZankerH 11 October 2015 12:30:47PM *  3 points [-]

How do you know it isn't? Everything off the Earth could be a very simple simulation just designed to emit the right kind of EM radiation to look as if it's there. Likewise, large chunks of dead matter could easily be optimized away until a human interacts with them in sufficient detail. Other than your observation about classical physics, all your points are observations "from the inside" that could be optimized around without degrading our perception of the universe.

Comment author: James_Miller 11 October 2015 02:39:04PM 4 points [-]

The Fermi paradox and quantum physics (as opposed to unlimited layers all the way down) are massive simulation streamlines.

Comment author: RaelwayScot 11 October 2015 07:26:45PM 0 points [-]

Perhaps the conditions that cause the Fermi paradox are actually crucial for life. If spaceflight was easy, all resources would have been exhausted by exponential growth pretty quickly. This would invalidate the 'big distances' point as evidence for a non-streamlined universe, though.