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5 Post author: turchin 11 October 2015 05:10AM

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Comment author: turchin 12 October 2015 04:31:56AM 1 point [-]

It changes probability spectre of possible futures. It makes more probable that I live in interesting historical simulation and may be simulation with miracles. But this shift is not strong enough so I could conclude "Ups, my life is ordinary and boring and so it is real". The problem here is that creators of simulation could use all their power to prevent me from knowing that I am in simulation. That is why Popper-style scientific method need to be use here with caution.

Comment author: anon85 12 October 2015 09:36:21AM 1 point [-]

That sounds pretty similar to a Deist's God, which created the universe but does not interfere thereafter. Personally, I'd just shave it off with Ocam's razor.

Also, it seems a little absurd to try to infer things about our simulators, even supposing they exist. After all, their universe can be almost arbitrarily different from ours.