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46 Post author: Vaniver 03 February 2016 05:34AM

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Comment author: harshhpareek 04 February 2016 03:49:51PM *  6 points [-]

I'm interested in setting up the dev environment. But I'm running into technical issues setting up the VM etc. I expect more such questions will come up. What is the right place to discuss these? Perhaps a channel on the slack? Or do we want something more permanent to help new contributors?

Comment author: Vaniver 04 February 2016 09:38:30PM 4 points [-]

As well as the Slack channel, I'd talk about version issues with the VM here.

Comment author: Elo 04 February 2016 09:15:20PM 4 points [-]

we now have a slack channel to talk technical things.