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5 Post author: Elo 03 March 2016 03:04AM

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Comment author: Elo 03 March 2016 10:26:51PM 0 points [-]

quibble, the other one is 2nd person

yep. woops.

Point 4: ... is a very important part to me

parts of 2,3,4,5 can be arranged to a more useful order for different people. They matter more or less depending on how you work.

For some, having a desk (of 5) is an absolute requirement that comes before deciding how long to work for (of 2). I will include this in the top post.

"perfect" working environment

yes, they say perfect is the enemy of the good (or good enough to work in).

ever-growing list of perfect environments is not optimal.

I agree, but also I know I can't solder things on a train. I need a solid and not moving desk. There are genuine disqualifies in an environment and not-genuine disqualifiers. The room mate playing loud music might be a problem; but it might not; or worse - a genuine problem for one person and a not-genuine problem for another.

I intend for a whole separate post about work-environment.

I suppose it's worth the caveat - if these are part of your procrastination you can skip it; but hopefully it's better than going about the task without the list. Should I include this disclaimer in the top post?