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14 Post author: Vaniver 01 April 2016 01:02PM

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Comment author: Gleb_Tsipursky 02 April 2016 04:51:10PM 1 point [-]

I was fooled by Gmail's "Drop The Mic" prank

Comment author: TheAltar 04 April 2016 01:09:30PM 0 points [-]

I was a bit confused about how it's a prank on people at all. Ideally a prank is localized to one person and is set up so that it doesn't run out of control.

What happened to you?

Comment author: Gleb_Tsipursky 04 April 2016 04:45:48PM 0 points [-]

Oh, I found the "Drop The Mic" button on my Gmail account, and thought it was a real feature. You can see the write-up in the linked article for more details.

Comment author: pjeby 02 April 2016 09:22:15PM 0 points [-]

I only heard about it after it was turned off, and spent my time since wondering if the news stories about the feature were the prank. (That is, that it didn't actually happen and Google merely announced they were turning off a feature that never existed... a kind of meta-prank as it were.)

Comment author: gwillen 03 April 2016 08:14:02AM 0 points [-]

I too was curious whether the complaints themselves were the joke, but I caught it early enough that I was able to verify the existence of the feature before it was pulled. It was definitely real. (And I tested its effect on outgoing email, it wasn't just a different-colored button.)