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32 Post author: ingres 14 May 2016 05:38PM

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Comment author: ingres 02 May 2016 07:18:29PM *  8 points [-]

Update on where I'm at:

Right this minute I'm writing a tool that imports the survey structure into a python datastructure to improve the analysis. This might take a bit, but once it's done it should make developing a generic basic analysis to replace the current one much easier. It'll also let me fix issues like the answers being in a weird order, with this I'll be able to order them by the order they appeared on the survey. To clarify what I said earlier, I think I can get out a fixed basic analysis today. A formal writeup will probably take longer.

Sub-update (Mon May 2 17:36:47 PDT 2016):

Wrote the tool, now writing the analysis with it.

Sub-update (Mon May 2 22:58:34 PDT 2016):

I have a mostly-working prototype of the analysis, finishing it up now.

Sub-update (Mon May 2 23:26:28 PDT 2016):

I've reached the point where I'm too tired to do anymore today, but what I've done so far seems to be enough to patch up the holes in the report system. I'll finish it tomorrow but in the meantime:

Basic Analysis With Null Entries Included Basic Analysis With Null Entries Excluded