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72 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 15 February 2008 10:53PM

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Comment author: TheOtherDave 05 December 2013 03:27:10PM 0 points [-]

OK, thanks for clarifying that.
Do you expect the signed messages to be expressed in a natural human language?

Comment author: christopherj 05 December 2013 06:32:09PM 0 points [-]

Unfortunately, that would be impossible, unless you can make an AI that can understand natural language before it is ever run. And that would require having a proper theory of mind right from the start.

Comment author: TheAncientGeek 05 December 2013 06:38:13PM -1 points [-]

Hello? Seed .AI?

Comment author: TheOtherDave 05 December 2013 07:12:19PM 0 points [-]

OK. Thanks for clarifying your expectations.