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72 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 15 February 2008 10:53PM

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Comment author: Caledonian2 18 February 2008 10:33:32PM 1 point [-]

One of the more obvious associations of "Friendly AI" is the concept of "User Friendly", in which a process, set of instructions, or device is structured in such a way that most users will be able to get the results they want intuitively and easily. With the idea of "user friendly", we at least have real-life examples we can look at to better understand the concept.

When some people decided they wanted to identify the perfect voting method, they drew up a list of the desirable traits they wanted such a method to have in such a way that the traits were operationally defined. Then they were able to demonstrate that such a system wasn't possible: not all of the qualities we might desire in a polling method were compatible. They found that their goal was impossible - a very important and meaningful discovery.

At present, no one can say precisely, in technical language, what properties an AI would have to have in order to be "Friendly", and that is the first requirement towards finding out whether FAI is even possible.