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84 Post author: AnnaSalamon 27 November 2016 05:13PM

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Comment author: TheAltar 27 November 2016 08:06:52AM *  4 points [-]

A separate action that could be taken by bloggers who are interested in it (especially people just starting new blogs) is to continue posting where they do, but disable comments on their posts and link people to corresponding LW link post to comment on. This is far less ideal, but allows them to post elsewhere and to have the comments content appear here on LW.

Comment author: sarahconstantin 27 November 2016 10:21:45AM 9 points [-]

This is a nontrivial cost. I'm considering it myself, and am noticing that I'm a bit put off, given that some of my (loyal and reflective) readers/commenters are people who don't like LW, and it feels premature to drag them here until I can promise them a better environment. Plus, it adds an extra barrier (creating an account) to commenting, which might frequently lead to no outside comments at all.

A lighter-weight version of this (for now), might be just linking to discussion on LW, without disabling blog comments.

Comment author: FeepingCreature 29 November 2016 12:28:47PM 1 point [-]

Would you use the LW comments section if it was embeddable, like Disqus is?