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76 Post author: sarahconstantin 02 December 2016 06:55PM

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Comment author: Benquo 02 December 2016 07:02:11PM 4 points [-]

I found this helpful, and it makes me more likely to write this kind of post.

One thing I found especially helpful was a sense of the relationship between the exploration process and the finished product. I often see fact posts with a central and then evidence, and this can create the impression that this is the order in which one should proceed. First decide on a question, and then find the data that answer it.

Seems like you're suggesting there's a lot of value from doing things the other way around. Once you're interested in a question, look at the data, and see what it wants to tell you, changing the questions you ask to fit what the data can tell you, rather than torturing the data to answer your question.