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26 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 10 April 2008 07:41AM

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Comment author: Eadwacer 10 April 2008 03:45:17PM 2 points [-]

So... I'm confused. You say:

"...the half-silvered mirror rule is "Multiply by 1 when the photon goes straight, and multiply by i when the photon turns at a right angle."

We appear to have defined everything needful, except the word "when".

Accepting that we are just performing 'operations' on 'configurations', what decides which operation will be performed? Is it the configuration of the incoming photon? Is it some magical (i.e.quantum) property of a half of a silver?

Comment author: jschulter 13 September 2010 08:21:21AM 6 points [-]

It was intended to be clear that all operations are performed and propagated throughout the entire system, I think.

Comment author: Kenny 28 February 2013 03:33:23AM 2 points [-]

It's not clear to everyone; I didn't get it until reading your comment.

Comment author: Mindey 27 November 2016 04:19:24PM *  0 points [-]

I was confused about it too, but understood that what is meant is, that the 'half-silvered mirror rule' is a rule that does two things at once, namely x: (x*1, x*i), so it's a multi-valued operation.