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47 Post author: Habryka 15 September 2017 03:00AM

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Comment author: Alicorn 17 September 2017 01:19:57AM 3 points [-]

I do not like the readthesequences font. It feels like I'm back in grad school and also reading is suddenly harder.

I'm on a Mac 'fox.

Comment author: SaidAchmiz 17 September 2017 02:37:50AM *  3 points [-]

Ok, thanks!

FYI, your assessment is in the extreme minority; most people who have seen that site have responded very positively to the font choice (and the typography in general). This suggests that your preferences are unusual, in this sphere.

I say this, not to suggest that your preference / reaction is somehow "wrong" (that would be silly!), but a) to point out the the danger in generalizing from one's own example (typical mind blah blah), and b) to underscore the importance of user choice and customization options!

rest of this response is not specifically for Alicon but is re: this whole comment thread

This is still a gold standard of UX design: sane defaults plus good[1] customizability.

[1] "Good" here means:

  • comprehensive
  • intuitive
  • non-overwhelming (i.e. layered)

Note, these are ideals, not basic requirements; every step we take toward the ideal is a good step. So by no means should you (the designer/developer) ever feel like "comprehensive customizability is an unreachable goal; there's no reason to bother, since Doing It Rightâ„¢ is too much effort"! So in this case, just offering a couple of themes, which are basic variations on each other (different-but-matching font choices, a different color scheme), is already a great thing and will greatly improve the user experience.