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47 Post author: Habryka 15 September 2017 03:00AM

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Comment author: SaidAchmiz 17 September 2017 04:11:51AM 1 point [-]

With respect to TV Tropes, I'd note that while it is nominally organized according to those indexes, the typical usage pattern is as a sort of pure garden path in my experience.

I have encountered a truly shocking degree of variation in how people use TVTropes, to the extent that I've witnessed several people talking to each other about this were each in utter disbelief (to the point of anger) that the other person's usage pattern is a real thing.

Generalizations about TVTropes usage patterns are extremely fraught.

Comment author: 9eB1 17 September 2017 02:47:31PM 0 points [-]


Since then I've thought of a couple more sites that are neither hierarchical nor tag-based. Facebook and eHow style sites.

There is another pattern that is neither hierarchical, tag-based nor search-based, which is the "invitation-only" pattern of a site like pastebin. You can only find content by referral.

Comment author: SaidAchmiz 17 September 2017 05:56:55PM 1 point [-]

It is therefore not a coincidence that Facebook is utterly terrible as a content repository. (I am unfamiliar with eHow.)