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47 Post author: Habryka 15 September 2017 03:00AM

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Comment author: Benito 17 September 2017 07:04:22PM *  4 points [-]

Thanks for the questions.

  • From the start, all user pages will be personal pages. If you make an account, you'll have a basic blog.
  • No requirements for the content. This is for people in the community (and others) to write about whatever they're interested in. If you want a place to write those short statistical oddities you've been posting to tumblr; if you want a place to write those not-quite-essays you've been posting to facebook; if you want a place to try out writing full blog posts; if you wish, you can absolutely do that here.
  • I expect we'll have some basic norms of decency. I've not started the discussion within the Sunshine Regiment on what these will be yet, but once we've had a conversation we'll open it up to input from the community, and I'll make sure to publish clearly both the norms and info on what happens when someone breaks a norm.
Comment author: Habryka 17 September 2017 07:15:20PM 2 points [-]

Apparently me and Ben responded to this at the same time. We seem to have mostly said the same things, so we are apparently fairly in sync.