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23 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 03 June 2008 08:16AM

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Comment author: jvdubois 28 October 2013 05:39:11PM 0 points [-]

I think this sentence does not make sense. If a universe has some configuration, then it IS the UNIVERSE. It does not make sense that there are 100 of them

I imagine it like a sequence of numbers. There is 0, then there is 1 etc. It does not make sense that if you have sequence:


That there are two different occurences of a thing "number one. No matter how "many times" the number was used, it is still fundamentaly the number.

I think Elizier himself used a very good example of how things work like. Imagine that everything you know about our universe can be coded into a sequence of numbers. Everything - all its history etc. Now what meaning it has from inside of this universe that some powerful alien race with a lot of computing power can take this sequence and load it into a memory of some supercomputer? What if they load it and delete it it twice or million times? What if they load it on two computers simultaneously? It does not matter from within the universe. It just is.