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24 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 24 August 2008 07:51PM

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Comment author: wallowinmaya 14 May 2011 09:17:42PM *  7 points [-]

Though it is a crucial point about the state of the gameboard, that most AGI/FAI wannabes are so utterly unsuited to the task, that I know no one cynical enough to imagine the horror without seeing it firsthand.

I have to confess that at first glance this statement seems arrogant. But, then I actually read some stuff in this AGI-mailing-list and well, I was filled with horror after I've read threads like this one:

Here is one of the most ridiculous passages:

Note that we may not have perfected this process, and further, that this process need not be perfected. Somewhere around the age of 12, many of our neurons DIE. Perhaps these were just the victims of insufficiently precise dimensional tagging? Once things can ONLY connect up in mathematically reasonable ways, what remains between a newborn and a physics-complete AGI? Obviously, the physics, which can be quite different on land than in the water. Hence, the physics must also be learned.

It feels like reading Heidegger on crack, while yourself being stoned. And what is really terrifying is that Ben Goertzel, whom I admired just 6 months ago, replies to and discusses such nonsense repeatedly! Is it really true that even some of the most famous AGI- reseachers are that crazy?