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16 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 11 January 2009 02:09AM

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Comment author: Manon_de_Gaillande 11 January 2009 12:52:16PM 3 points [-]

I don't see how removing getting-used-to is close to removing boredom. IANAneurologist, but on a surface level, they do seem to work differently - boredom is reading the same book everyday and getting tired of it, habituation is getting a new book everyday and not thinking "Yay, new fun" anymore.

I'm reluctant to keep habituation because, at least in some cases, it is evil. When the emotion is appropriate to the event, it's wrong for it to disminish - you have a duty to rage against the dying of the light. (Of course we need it for survival, we can't be mourning all the time.) It also looks linked to status quo bias.

Maybe, like boredom, habituation is an incentive to make life better; but it's certainly not optimal.