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22 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 18 January 2009 09:03AM

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Comment author: Emile 18 January 2009 05:07:10PM 2 points [-]

I'm not sure breathing needs a special exclusion from boredom, for the same reasons people don't get bored from jumping in Mario: we don't get bored with something if it's only a mean to something else.

This blog post talks about that a bit.

You could also say that you only get bored with conscious activities, and that breathing is unconscious, just as jumping is in mario. I'm not sure which explanation is the best way of putting things "not boring because unconscious" and "not boring because it's a means to a goal".

But anyway, those explanations seem to fit reality closer than "Things so extremely low-level, or with such a small volume of possibilities, that you couldn't avoid repeating them even if you tried; but which are required to support other non-boring activities." (I don't think "low-level" and "small volume of possibilities" are necessary conditions. Some pretty high-level and complex things like driving a car can still be non-boring if it's unconscious / used with another goal in mind.