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44 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 20 January 2009 06:17AM

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Comment author: [deleted] 04 February 2012 06:20:13PM 3 points [-]

You are underestimating the size of a volcano. Also it being hellish is part of its charm.

Comment author: NancyLebovitz 04 February 2012 07:09:43PM 8 points [-]

You don't get a real volcano lair, which might be dark and cramped, and might also be subject to nasty dangerous gases and at risk from lava. You get an optimized meme-volcano lair which is roomy, well-lit, mostly safe, only adds drama when it improves the story, and is lavishly appointed.

In the same spirit, cats and girls are capable of being annoying, though in rather different ways. Catgirls are only annoying if it's cute.

Comment author: [deleted] 04 February 2012 07:34:09PM *  4 points [-]

That's a clearer and better way of saying what I was implying. The volcano would be about as "hellish" as the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is "pirate-y". A few dark passages and boiling kool aid lava would do it for most people. A dragon or a fire god might also be a cool addition.

Comment author: ikrase 14 September 2012 03:14:34AM 2 points [-]

You could have lots and lots of carved obsidian stuff. And geothermal power.