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44 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 20 January 2009 06:17AM

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Comment author: [deleted] 19 February 2012 07:17:38PM 0 points [-]

That post was specifically about non-sentient catgirls. (Sure, you said “display” not “feel”, but under some sufficiently strong version of the anti-zombie principle it's impossible to convincingly do the former without the latter.)

Comment author: pedanterrific 19 February 2012 07:27:57PM 1 point [-]

Animals can't feel interest?

Comment author: [deleted] 19 February 2012 07:41:50PM *  1 point [-]

(I'm assuming you mean ‘non-human animals’.) It depends on what you mean by feel and by interest, I guess. And BTW non-sentient is a stronger condition than non-sapient -- according to some definitions, even insects are sentient.

Comment author: pedanterrific 19 February 2012 08:10:43PM 1 point [-]

Where "nonsentient romantic/sex partner" is pretty much what I use the word "catgirl" to indicate, in futuristic discourse. The notion of creating sentient beings to staff a volcano lair, gets us into a whole 'nother class of objections.

The link makes it clear that "nonsentient" is being used to mean "not-a-person", not 'incapable of feeling even as much as an insect'.

Comment author: [deleted] 19 February 2012 08:48:45PM *  1 point [-]

Thanks. (I was thinking about an improved version of the inflatable doll, now I'm thinking of the verðandi in Failed Utopia #4-2 but with much-less-than-human intelligence, say that of a domestic dog. I can see why some men would prefer that to a prostitute -- but I suspect that many of those who don't have sex with prostitutes now but say that they would enjoy catgirls after the singularity do so because of differences between near- and far-mode thinking.)

Comment author: ikrase 14 September 2012 03:20:55AM 1 point [-]

I personally find particularly unintelligent women pretty unattractive even when thinking in terms of short-term relationships based mostly in sex.

The Verthandi in Failed Utopia seem not even vaguely catgirllike: I think that the genie there just created two entire races.

Important thing: Most of my really big romantic fantasies involve either being really powerful and meeting a lover with high but unrealized potential and raising her to my level, or consist of meeting a powerful lover and her raising me to her to my level. This seems rather at variance with catgirls.