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Calling LW Londoners

3 Post author: Alexandros 11 December 2010 05:53PM

It seems we haven't done any London meetups in a while. Is anyone up for arranging something within January?

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Comment author: David_Gerard 11 December 2010 06:41:18PM 6 points [-]

I'm not promising to do anything radical like leave the house, but we'll see.

Comment author: Alicorn 11 December 2010 10:57:23PM 4 points [-]

I don't like leaving my house either. That's why I held my meetup at home :)

Comment author: [deleted] 12 December 2010 03:54:29AM *  2 points [-]

...why do I find that so bloody brilliant? It's like, bam! problem solved.

Comment author: Alicorn 12 December 2010 04:12:48AM 2 points [-]

As an added bonus, I got to feed people! I like feeding people.

Comment author: Alexandros 13 December 2010 11:26:00AM 0 points [-]

Allright, it seems there's a convergence on 2011-1-2, with Pendrel's Oak suggested by ciphergoth and not objected to by anyone.

Next question: What time? I personally have no preference, if you do, please let everyone know.

Once that's done, we can advertise it in the main site.

Comment author: ciphergoth 17 December 2010 11:11:49PM 0 points [-]

Last one I went to started at 4pm, but that seems a bit late, shall we say 2pm this time? That way you can either have lunch before you set off, or eat in the Wetherspoon's pub.

Penderel's Oak was actually the result of some confusion - I meant the nearby Shakespeare's Head, where we've been before.

Comment author: Alexandros 18 December 2010 09:04:31AM 0 points [-]

2am at Shakespeare's head it is! Unless anyone objects soon I will publish this in a top-level article.

Comment author: ciphergoth 18 December 2010 09:08:48PM 0 points [-]

2pm as in 1400 that is. See you all then!

Comment author: Yvain 12 December 2010 01:00:12PM *  0 points [-]

I'll be in London from 30/12 to 3/1, but with several other commitments. Any time in that period would be possible but 2/1 would be best. But I've already messed up enough other meets with my scheduling issues, so don't make too much effort to work around me unless those times are also great for everyone else.

I also would like to go to London in February or March sometime, so if you plan it on a weekend in one of those two months I could probably make it with enough (at least two or three weeks') notice.

Comment author: taryneast 13 December 2010 09:46:11AM 0 points [-]

Hi, can I come too? :)

Sun 2nd sounds good for me.

Shall we meet for lunch?

Comment author: ciphergoth 13 December 2010 05:40:53AM 0 points [-]

Sunday 2011-01-02? I can do that. Penderel's Oak again? What sort of time?

Comment author: Larks 13 December 2010 12:58:09AM 0 points [-]

The 2nd should be good.

Comment author: Alexandros 12 December 2010 06:38:20PM 0 points [-]

I'll be around those days, too. Let us know when you know more.

Comment author: Leonhart 12 December 2010 04:26:27PM 0 points [-]

Count me in. Any of those days works.