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7 Post author: Unnamed 19 April 2011 07:41PM

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Comment author: Nick_Roy 20 April 2011 07:33:56AM 5 points [-]

I wonder how important the lack of rationality professionals (defined here as people who are paid to teach rationality) is regarding the lack of rationality dojos, with money being a powerful motivator for actually getting things done?

Learning to be more rational is important to me, so I would gladly pay more than a token fee to join a rationality dojo, but only if it were planned, operated and vetted by Less Wrongers with reasonably high karma or other credentials. I assume that Less Wrongers in general have similar high standards for spending their money: especially those who have read Money: The Unit of Caring. High-quality planning, operation and vetting not only deserve pay but may also require pay as sufficient incentive.

Of course, voiced willingness and even promises to pay are probably not enough. Perhaps we need a prepaid Rationality Dojo Prize to motivate would-be rationality professionals?

What does Less Wrong think on the value of rationality professionals for rationality dojos?

Comment author: TheOtherDave 20 April 2011 02:19:28PM 2 points [-]

Personally, if faced with someone who was motivated by money and was prepared to teach rationality as a way of obtaining it, I would be very interested in knowing why they'd chosen that route rather than some other, more lucrative route.

Comment author: Nick_Roy 20 April 2011 05:41:56PM 4 points [-]

Lack of money threatens survival, so nearly everyone is motivated by money to some extent. You make a good point, but I'm not thinking of people looking to get rich when I refer to would-be rationality professionals: I mean people who are qualified for and passionate about teaching rationality but who also have bills to pay. It may be unrealistic to expect rationality dojos to happen on a purely amateur basis.