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paper-machine comments on Open Thread, November 1-15, 2012 - Less Wrong Discussion

4 Post author: OpenThreadGuy 02 November 2012 02:11AM

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Comment author: [deleted] 26 November 2012 08:02:37PM 5 points [-]

I really didn't realize this whole thing was a thing -- goes to show how little I've been paying to LW lately. Sorry to dig this up two weeks after the fact, but in the interest of being perfectly clear to any and all parties concerned or concerning themselves:

I have made many mock 'homophobic' jokes to papermachine and papermachine sometimes responds back as mock offended, but I do not really think papermachine is offended & despises me as reactionary homophobic scum.

This is also my understanding of those situations. Gwern (or anyone else on #lesswrong, for that matter) has never offended me in this context -- though of course I cannot speak for all homosexuals everywhere, past or future, or in alternate universes.