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sarahconstantin comments on CFAR's new mission statement (on our website) - Less Wrong Discussion

7 Post author: AnnaSalamon 10 December 2016 08:37AM

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Comment author: sarahconstantin 12 December 2016 08:22:07PM 2 points [-]

I like this and the overall website redesign.

A few notes on design (slightly off-topic but potentially valuable):

The pale gray, text-heavy but readable layout, and new, more angular "brain" images, suggest seriousness and mental incisiveness, which I think is in keeping with the new mission.

I like the touches of orange. It's a nice change from the overly blue themes of tech-related images, it's cheerful and high-contrast, and it has nice Whiggish connotations. It suggests a certain healthy fighting spirit.