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Dagon comments on Leaving beta: Voting on moving to LessWrong.com - Less Wrong Discussion

6 Post author: Vaniver 11 March 2018 11:40PM

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Comment author: Dagon 12 March 2018 08:17:04PM 3 points [-]

I still prefer the old site, for ease of finding comments in reply to mine, and for seeing all recent posts (I bookmark /discussion/new), and for not being javascript hell.

and the old site is dead, regardless of my usage preference. There's no point in keeping it.

Comment author: SaidAchmiz 16 March 2018 10:56:21PM 1 point [-]

Try GreaterWrong, an alternative UI for LessWrong 2.0. It might suit your preferences better.

Comment author: Habryka 14 March 2018 08:21:04PM 0 points [-]

Hmm, you can see all recent posts on /daily on the new LW.

Comment author: Dagon 15 March 2018 05:49:28PM 0 points [-]

True, after a brief confusing delay where you just see 5 days of "no posts found" while it loads. Is there an equivalent of the red mailbox that tells me someone replied to my comment?

Comment author: casebash 18 March 2018 02:06:31PM 0 points [-]

Have you seen the notifications up the top right? Does that do what you want?

Comment author: Manfred 13 March 2018 02:45:54AM *  0 points [-]