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John_Maxwell_IV comments on CFAR’s new focus, and AI Safety - LessWrong

30 Post author: AnnaSalamon 03 December 2016 06:09PM

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Comment author: John_Maxwell_IV 03 December 2016 12:59:59PM *  2 points [-]

Also, if we were to pick a leader, Peter Thiel strikes me as an exceptionally terrible choice.

I agree we shouldn't pick a leader, but I'm curious why you think this. He's the only person on the list who's actually got leadership experience (CEO of Paypal), and he did a pretty good job.

Comment author: AlexMennen 03 December 2016 06:26:01PM 6 points [-]

Leading a business and leading a social movement require different skill sets, and Peter Thiel is also the only person on the list who isn't even part of the LW community. Bringing in someone only tangentially associated with a community as its leader doesn't seem like a good idea.