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Meetup: Bay Area: Jan 15th, 7pm

2 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 13 January 2010 10:02PM

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Comment author: AngryParsley 15 January 2010 12:20:42AM *  1 point [-]

Is it possible for someone to delete Richard Karpinski's comments on the meetup page? If I didn't know this group and I saw a member endorsing AIDS-denialism I would dismiss them as crackpots.

Comment author: RobinZ 15 January 2010 12:36:28AM 0 points [-]

I would have to admit that I would do so as well.

Comment author: Kevin 15 January 2010 12:51:06AM 0 points [-]

Of course, if you click on his profile you see that is his goal.

"No one should join this group or come to these meetings. If they do, their ideas will be attacked and they will be overwhelmed by adverse reaction from dozens of people who think nothing of making people change their minds about their most cherished beliefs."

Yes, I expect you guys would be a little mean if a real-live HIV denier showed up at a meet-up.

Comment author: JamesPfeiffer 16 January 2010 04:12:58AM 0 points [-]

You don't think he's joking? That paragraph ends with

"They have no respect for the opinions of accepted experts and seldom quote Ovid in the original, so just don't bother to attend."

Comment author: RobinZ 15 January 2010 12:56:19AM 0 points [-]

I'm staggeringly laid-back in person, as a rule.