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12 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 01 October 2007 06:36PM

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Comment author: Chris_Hibbert 01 October 2007 10:08:31PM -1 points [-]

W. W. Bartley's "The Retreat to Commitment" is the best book on epistemology, bar none, in my opinion. He fixes a small bug in Popper's Critical Rationalism, to suggest that even the epistemic approach should be subject to criticism, and produces Pan-Critical Rationalism (hence my blog's title: pancrit.org). He then proceeds to attack PCR from every direction he can think of.

Extreme Bayesianism may be a more modern incarnation of the approach, but the history of rationalism and the description of how to evaluate your rationality is truly valuable, and hasn't been replicated in the current context.