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27 Post author: XFrequentist 09 July 2009 07:47PM

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Comment author: Bo102010 10 July 2009 12:36:20PM 2 points [-]

A few years ago I had read most of Dawkins' other books, but had not yet read Selfish Gene.

I keep a list of books I want to read, and when they become available at the library, I go pick them up. Selfish Gene and a fiction book I had wanted to read were both became available at the same time, so I walked to the library and thought I'd flip a coin to decide which one to get (I allowed myself only one book to read for pleasure at a time when I was in school).

On the way there, I was accosted by a very aggressive evangeical Christian. He very earnestly told me about Jesus and how I needed to be saved, and demanded I explain how I thought I could explain the world without god. I made a few comments about evolution, which he shrugged off, since they didn't explain the origin of life. Eventually I told him I was wasting his time and went into the library.

The experience shook me up a bit, but then my choice of reading was clear. I had to get the Selfish Gene.