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153 [deleted] 12 April 2010 05:06PM

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Comment author: pjeby 15 April 2010 06:53:16PM 6 points [-]

I don't understand what you mean by removing the negative, and how this is supposed to be a simple act. ... If you mean removing the negative reaction, I don't understand how you can claim that is a simple action.

Memory reconsolidation and reinterpretation is a simple act - we do it all the time. Suppose that there's an attractive person of the appropriate sex who looks away and avoids you every time you come in the room. You feel hurt and rejected - a negative reaction. Then, you find out that it's really because he/she is attracted to you and too shy to say anything. Your feelings about the matter change immediately.

Doing this for an arbitrary negative reaction is equally simple, at least in principle.

Comment author: taryneast 11 July 2011 02:47:18PM 1 point [-]

Well - this is only true if said person is doing it for a positive reason. If you instead find out that they are actually avoiding you because they really don't like you, then it'll tend to have a further depressing action...

While it's much better to accentuate the positives, and all that - it sometimes isn't as easy as all that - ie as LeBleu mentions, it's not necessarily a simple act.

Comment author: Mets 15 July 2017 01:48:34PM 0 points [-]

Hah, the looking away part has happened too many times for it to hurt me anymore.