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27 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 19 March 2009 08:22AM

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Comment author: lmm 10 January 2014 12:38:07PM 0 points [-]

It'd be possible, but it would take more evidence than someone having been rained on for 14 years.

If you're talking about models and predictions you've already made the relevant leap, IMO. Even if you're calling the person a "god", you're still taking a fundamentally naturalistic approach; you're not assuming basic mental entities, you're not worshiping.

Comment author: VAuroch 11 January 2014 01:26:21AM -1 points [-]

Calling someone a rain god is making the prediction "If I worship this person, rain will occur at the times I need it more often than it would if I did not worship this person." Worship doesn't stop being worship just because it works.