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24 Post author: ciphergoth 02 April 2009 09:51PM

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Comment author: ciphergoth 02 April 2009 09:53:09PM 1 point [-]

Post in this thread if you live outside Europe, the US, or Canada.

Comment author: insaneabd 03 April 2009 02:52:16PM 2 points [-]

Lahore, Pakistan

Comment author: [deleted] 03 April 2009 12:03:10PM 2 points [-]

Any other African expats? Rwanda? In fact, I'll see your small central African nation and raise you a Burundi, Uganda, or Eastern Congo if it's not buried in lava by next week.

Comment author: Andrew 03 April 2009 07:50:39AM 2 points [-]

Shanghai, China

Comment author: y0math 02 June 2012 06:15:18PM 1 point [-]

Mumbai, India

Comment author: michaelkeenan 06 April 2009 07:20:51AM 1 point [-]

Taipei, Taiwan.

Comment author: blogospheroid 06 April 2009 04:20:58AM 1 point [-]

Bangalore, India, honest confession, a lurker more than a commentor. I feel i don't know enough.

Comment author: thungas 10 October 2009 06:39:44PM 0 points [-]

hey.. am from Bangalore.. on/off lurker.. had an acct for long.. but this is my first comment.. -Srikanth Thunga

Comment author: Vladimir_Gritsenko 04 April 2009 10:09:30AM 1 point [-]

I can't be the only guy to generate the 410 hits from Israel... if I am, that is very sad.

Comment author: DanArmak 06 October 2009 12:23:49PM 0 points [-]

I'm from Israel. Currently live in Jerusalem studying at HUJI.

Comment author: dyokomizo 06 December 2009 10:58:40PM 0 points [-]

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Comment author: Gust 21 December 2011 08:47:04AM 0 points [-]

Same! Are you still around?

Comment author: dyokomizo 02 January 2012 01:00:06AM 0 points [-]

Around São Paulo, yes. Around LW, not much anymore, I mostly read it via feed reader.

Comment author: AndrewH 18 July 2009 12:18:10AM 0 points [-]

Auckland, New Zealand

Comment author: james_edwards 30 April 2010 12:47:58AM 0 points [-]

Me too!

Comment author: free_rip 22 September 2010 10:15:14AM 0 points [-]

Chch, NZ.

Comment author: somervta 12 October 2012 05:28:28AM 0 points [-]