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4 Post author: Jayson_Virissimo 02 December 2011 06:01AM

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Comment author: gwern 01 December 2011 02:55:14PM 7 points [-]

Incidentally, I would point out that I'm pretty sure I've read of psychology experiments where self-inflicted pain is rated as less painful than the same electrical shocks inflicted by another person.

Comment author: Unnamed 01 December 2011 05:50:07PM 18 points [-]

Gray, K., & Wegner, D. M. (2008). The sting of intentional pain. Psychological Science, 19(12), 1260-1262. pdf

Comment author: soreff 02 December 2011 02:33:23PM 3 points [-]

Many thanks for the reference!

I wonder what would happen where the pain is something like a needle-stick in a blood donation: Inflicted by someone else, but with the consent of the person experiencing it. Presumably the element of malice wouldn't be present...