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41 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 15 August 2007 06:39PM

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Comment author: jsalvatier 21 July 2011 07:39:11PM 0 points [-]

Since right now there is no regular discussion, it might be good stop making this comment, but if we get into more controversial posts are there are regular comments, I think it would be good to start this up again. Doing it on a case by case seems like too much work.

Comment author: Vladimir_Nesov 21 July 2011 07:47:33PM *  0 points [-]

I don't believe it's too much work, because one can just systematically go through all old sequence reruns posts and add references where appropriate, which reduces work per post.

Comment author: MinibearRex 22 July 2011 04:57:02AM 1 point [-]

It's a part of the original set of instructions. I've never seen any further discussion of it, so I've been doing it, although personally I would be happy to stop. I don't see a particular benefit to doing it. If there ever is a new issue brought up on the old post that has been discussed on the rerun, that seems like the time to direct that user's attention to the previous discussion.

If anyone has a particular desire for this commenting to continue, speak now.

Comment author: Unnamed 22 July 2011 05:54:13AM 2 points [-]

I'm editing the instructions now to remove that step.

It was part of the original instructions, but most people weren't following it, and since the sequence reruns aren't generating much discussion it's better not to do it.