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122 Post author: RomeoStevens 28 February 2014 06:28AM

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Comment author: timujin 01 March 2014 10:56:31AM 5 points [-]

Get tape and cover lights. Try orange glasses to prevent blue light from destroying your endogenous melatonin production after 10pm.

I have always been confused about this one part. Seems like this is the place to ask, for once.

Where do these exact o'clock figures always come from when people are talking about sleep optimizing?

I mean, 10pm by which clock? Certainly, the position of arrows on my watches does not influence melatonin production. Is it calibrated by amount of daylight? But in the area I live in, 10pm can be a middle of the night or not-even-sunset, depending on time of the year, and the number given is a constant and doesn't depend on calendar. Is it calibrated by biological 'internal clock'? But it has different settings in different people. I go to sleep at 2am (and feel sleepy and dizzy if I don't) and wake up at exactly 9am with no alarm clock. Does the advice still apply to me? Does it assume some sort of 'normal' internal clock settings? Then what are they and why is it never explicitly mentioned? Please, help me resolve this confusion. Where did the numbers come from?

Comment author: RomeoStevens 01 March 2014 11:08:21AM 0 points [-]

completely arbitrary. You want to be doing it at a consistent time several hours before you want to be asleep.

Comment author: timujin 02 March 2014 09:31:40AM 0 points [-]

That's cool, but I am still curious about from whence exactly you got the number.

Comment author: RomeoStevens 03 March 2014 08:16:58PM *  0 points [-]

I have heard it repeated several times and personally put them on at 10:30 in order to fall asleep around 1:30.