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122 Post author: RomeoStevens 28 February 2014 06:28AM

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Comment author: John_Maxwell_IV 09 April 2014 05:26:20PM *  0 points [-]

This paper and this one (I haven't read either) make me wonder if living in a consistently warm climate is beneficial, especially as one grows older.

Comment author: Vaniver 09 April 2014 06:12:34PM 0 points [-]

From paper 1:

The decline in seasonality of coronary mortality in the US since 1970 may be linked to increasing access to microclimatic control (air-conditioning) in countering the environmental effects of cold.

It looks like it's relatively easy to control the amount you're temperature-shocked, and they talk some about cold adaptation but I didn't see it quantitatively linked to the other parts of the paper.

In general, cold is more dangerous than heat, and while hot climates have historically had worse diseases and bugs than cold climates, it's not obvious to me that's still the case. There probably is something to retiring to Florida.