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122 Post author: RomeoStevens 28 February 2014 06:28AM

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Comment author: G0W51 05 February 2015 12:49:42AM 0 points [-]

I tried to find it but failed. Do you recall it's title or authors?

Comment author: RomeoStevens 05 February 2015 06:11:49AM 0 points [-]

Sorry I don't. Don't see it with a cursory search in google scholar either.

Comment author: G0W51 07 February 2015 09:43:08PM 0 points [-]

Oh well. I'll still mention this in Immortality: A Practical Guide if that's okay with you.

Comment author: RomeoStevens 07 February 2015 11:48:47PM *  1 point [-]

Oh if you want to cite it I'll look a little harder.

This review actually seems pretty thorough and reports a negative result (though still positive for people who have already experienced a CHD event): http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/103/1/52.full

They discuss why they think positive results happened in previous studies. I'm updating away from the hypothesis as a result of finding this. Blood donation still has enough other studies showing various benefits and essentially no studies showing harm (except for excessive donation, more than twice a year IIRC) that I think it is worth it, but the mortality effects might not be very high.

Comment author: G0W51 08 February 2015 02:03:18PM 0 points [-]

Keep in that one of blood donation's supposed mechanisms is to prevent iron overload, but only ~0.5% of the population has iron overload to begin with. See ChrisT's comment.