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31 Post author: abramdemski 10 November 2014 05:02AM

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Comment author: [deleted] 12 November 2014 11:31:47AM *  4 points [-]

(2) and (4) are the correct approaches. "Revealed preferences" are, by and large, just the balance of the monkey-brain's incentives, and scarcely yield any useful information or ordering about the choice you were originally trying to make anyway. Throw them out. You're allowed to be stressed-out about how "inhuman" it feels to throw them out, but throw them the hell out! Your conscious self will thank you later.

You are also allowed to optimize your life for taking care of the monkey-brain's wants and needs without impacting the goals of the conscious self.

You are also allowed to deliberatively choose which desires and goals get classified as "monkey brain" and which ones as "the real me". After all, in truth, everything comes at least partially from the monkey-brain and everything goes, at least at the last step before action, through the conscious self. Any apparent "division" into "several people" is just your model of what your brain is doing. The real you can eat cookies, wear leather jackets, and have sex sometimes -- oy gevalt, being a good person does not mean being a robot.