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68 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 31 January 2008 07:36PM

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Comment author: Nick_Tarleton 29 November 2009 12:37:18AM 9 points [-]

It's often stipulated that if Omega predicts you'll use some randomizer it can't predict, it'll punish you by acting as if it predicted two-boxing.

Comment author: wedrifid 29 November 2009 02:38:26AM *  2 points [-]

(And the most favourable plausible outcome for randomizing would be scaling the payoff appropriately to the probability assigned.)

Comment author: PeterisP 24 October 2010 12:35:15PM 5 points [-]

Newcomb's problem doesn't specify how Omega chooses the 'customers'. It's a quite realistic possibility that it simply has not offered the choice to anyone that would use a randomizer, and cherrypicked only the people which have at least 99.9% 'prediction strength'.