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47 Post author: Habryka 15 September 2017 03:00AM

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Comment author: DragonGod 16 September 2017 05:08:02PM 1 point [-]

I've often faced frustration (I access LW from mobile) due to the "close" button being clicked (it is often not visible when typing in portrait mode (my phone is such that I can't see the comment while typing in landscape, and I'm used to the portrait keyboard)) resulting in me losing the entire comment. This is very demotivating, and quite frustrating. I hope that this is not a problem in Lesswrong 2.0, and hope that functionality for saving drafts of comments is added.

Comment author: Habryka 16 September 2017 11:42:13PM 2 points [-]

Yeah, the design of the commenting UI is sufficiently different, and more optimized for mobile that I expect this problem to be gone. That said, we are still having some problems with our editor on mobile, and it will take a bit to sort that out.

Comment author: DragonGod 17 September 2017 01:10:21AM *  0 points [-]

Thanks. Even if it's no longer a problem, I think saving drafts of comments (if it's not too big a headache to add) would be a nice improvement.